About Us

Value Proposition

IMED will adhere to best international standards, and will create value by:

  • Leveraging the world class training and expertise of US based physicians
  • Creating strategic alliances with industry leaders in the US health care and telemedicine space
  • Creating a safe environment by requiring professional liability coverage for our US based physicians to ensure adherence to the same standard of care in the US
  • Establishing and providing training for Sonographers and radiographers using US accredited curriculum 
  • Facilitating access to continued care with our hospital partners, Cedar Sinai hospital and UCLA medical center
  • Quality control matrices that meet international standards for best practices

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Founded in - 2011

Market - Telemedicine in Healthcare Services

Modalities - The Company provides diagnostic services in the following modalities: EKG, Echocardiography, CT Scan, X-Ray, Mammography and Abdominal and Obgyn Ultrasound.

Unique Competitive Advantage - Collaboration with US companies, physicians and radiologists.

Business Model - IMEDREADS provides diagnostic services and advanced technical training services in Nigeria through a robust telemedicine infrastructure. All images are read by US board certified physicians and the technical training component will be directed by a US accredited trainging school for Sonographers and Radiographers. 

Community Outreach

ImedReads is committed to reducing breast cancer rates by providing credible mammography reads through US trained and certified radiologists.

ImedReads will use proven technology and services from leading US medical device-companies to implement a unique world class healthcare service model to provide effective health screening drives throughout the region.